YPI Filming at Drummond

The Youth and Philanthropy Initiative (YPI) is a school programme that raises awareness amongst young people about philanthropy and their local community. Drummond students are given the opportunity to take part in this programme each year and they can win a £3000 YPI grant to give to a local charity.

The programme is mostly funded and managed in Scotland by The Wood Foundation.  Lynsey Brosnan, the YPI Scotland Coordinator with The Wood Foundation, recently commented that:

“We have a very good relationship with Drummond Community High School.  They are incredibly supportive of YPI and the opportunity that it affords young people to engage with local charities, supporting a wider understanding of their community.”

Because of our continued commitment to YPI and, as this year’s group presentations were so impressive, Drummond pupils were asked to take part in filming for two new YPI resources, along with only two other schools in Scotland.  These resources will be used in all Scottish schools that run the YPI programme, which in 2016/17 was 210.

The first film, Make a Difference, will be shown at YPI Launch Assemblies nationwide to introduce students to YPI. The second film, The Big Four, has been designed to help pupils to focus on the four key aspects of YPI to encourage charity engagement.

Thanks and well done to this year’s winning group: Alizah Mughal, Daalia Saadia, Michal Wrobel and Haia Jihan.  Also thanks to Alisha Arshad and Laiqah Mohammad who took part in the filming process.

Good luck for the national finals on the 19th of June!