School Staff

Senior Leadership Team         
Mrs R Robertson    Headteacher      
Mrs S Sloan    Depute Headteacher for S1, S3 and S5 and Curriculum    
Ms P Sharp    Depute Headteacher for S2, S4, S6 and Pupil Support    
Mrs L Adam    Business Manager      
Pupil Support Leaders       
Each child’s Guidance Teacher is parents’ first point of contact in school     
Mr M Paley    Annandale House S1-S6          
Ms M Rawluk    Bellevue House S1-S6          
Miss L Rankin    Claremont House S1-S6          
Clerical & Admin support       
 Contact the school on 01315562651 or
Mrs S Boak  Administrative Officer    
Ms L DoyleClerical Assistant
Ms L WoodburnClerical Assistant
Mrs P Clair    Business Support Administrator for Community use (CATS)    
Faculty of English & Modern Languages        
Mrs J Tindall    Curriculum Leader (CL) & Teacher of English    
Mrs C Young (part time)Teacher of English & Media 
Mrs J Archer (part time)Teacher of English    
Mrs R Ludbrook (part time) Teacher of English & ESOL   
Mrs B Davies Teacher of English & ESOL
Mr Todd LittleTeacher of English
Ms V Potier    Teacher of Modern Languages (French & Spanish)   
Mr C Lagorio  Teacher of Modern Languages (French & Spanish)
Ms A Wallace    Librarian    
Faculty of Expressive Arts        
Miss L Stroud    Curriculum Leader (CL) & Teacher of Music    
Mr S Mitchell (part time) Teacher of Music   
Miss P Drummond    Teacher of Art    
Miss L Fraser (part time) Teacher of Art    
Miss J Srokol (part time)    Teacher of Art    
Miss C Doig    Teacher of Drama    
Faculty of Health & Wellbeing        
Mrs M Collins    Curriculum Leader (CL) & Teacher of PE    
Mr K Barrie    Teacher of PE    
Mr R Roger   Teacher of PE    
Mrs H Hubbard (part time) Teacher of Food & Consumer Technology    
Ms N Karagianni  Teacher of Food & Consumer Technology    
Ms J Forrester   School Support Assistant    
Faculty of Mathematics        
Mr M Steel    Curriculum Leader (CL) & Teacher of Mathematics    
Mr A MacleodTeacher of Mathematics    
Ms I Ahmad    Teacher of Mathematics    
Mr C MoranTeacher of Mathematics
Ms D Malak    Teacher of Mathematics   
Faculty of Science        
Mr K Inglis    Curriculum Leader (CL) & Teacher of Biology    
Mrs S Bellis Teacher of Biology    
Mr S Gray    Teacher of Physics & Chemistry    
Miss J Peciulyte    Teacher of Chemistry    
Mrs A Finlayson    Science Technician    
Faculty of Social Subjects        
Mrs C Martin    Curriculum Leader (CL) & Teacher of History    
Mr W Tuft    Curriculum Leader (CL part time) & Teacher of Geography 
Miss I McDonald    Teacher of Modern Studies    
Mrs G CampionTeacher of RMPS    
Support for Learning (SFL)        
Mrs S Barraclough    Support for Learning Leader & Teacher of Support for Learning    
Mr M White    Teacher of Support for Learning    
Miss N Bisset    Teacher of Support for Learning    
Ms L Bruce (part time)   Teacher of Support for Learning    
Mrs N Zani-MacdonaldPupil Support Assistant    
Mrs S Benkahla    Pupil Support Assistant    
Mrs J Coats    Pupil Support Assistant    
Mrs L Sanderson    Pupil Support Assistant    
Mr S Bird    Pupil Support Assistant    
Mr I Montgomery    Pupil Support Assistant    
VacancyPupil Support Assistant    
Faculty of Technologies        
Mr M Holden    Curriculum Leader (CL) & Teacher of Craft & Design Technology    
Mrs N Grant  Teacher of Craft & Design Technology    
Mr A Ammann    Teacher of Computing Science    
Wellbeing Hub
Ms A PetrieCurriculum Leader
Mr W DeaconPupil Support Officer
Mx A PriorPupil Support Assistant
Enhanced Support Base
Mrs F HamiltonCurriculum Leader
Ms A WalshPupil Support Officer
Mrs O BellPupil Support Assistant
School Partners  We work closely with a number of partners to support all our students across the curriculum and with pastoral care. 
Please contact the school office or your child’s PSL if you would like to speak to any of these partners. 
Ms I Thomas-YatesPupil Support Officer (Attendance)
PC C Lowe School Liaison Officer (SLO) 
PC Catherine Lowe is our School Liaison Officer and works between us and St Thomas Aquinas High School.
PC Lowe establishes links between Police, education, young people and the surrounding community. PC Lowe can be found around the school for 2.5 days per week, offering advice and guidance to young people as well as helping to prevent incidents of antisocial behaviour in the wider community.
PC Lowe also inputs into Drummond’s Personal and Social Education (PSE) programme, drawing on her experiences as a Police Officer to provide important information and life skills to our students on a range of subjects from drugs and alcohol awareness to using social media responsibly, personal safety online and generally, and good citizenship.
Anyone requiring PC Lowe’s help or advice should contact their Pupil Support Leader (PSL) confidentially in the first instance, or approach her in her office on the SLT corridor.
Mrs D Connell Pathways Coordinator, Young Scottish Talent Programme, MCR Pathways 
Ms S Agnew Community Youth Worker 
Skills Development Scotland (SDS) Careers Adviser 
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