P7-S1 Transition

Welcome to the Drummond online transition- have a look at the timetable below for each day of your transition and then scroll down the page to find the lesson for each subject, download it or follow the web link.

The task here is to get you thinking about the skills you have and how those skills may link to possible future careers. Have a look at both of the weblinks to complete the task.
Access the website below and complete at least three of the activities you find there. Record your activities, including what you learned, in a form you choose. It could be a mind map, a fact sheet or poster, a news report…..anything really! Bring it along to science on your first day at Drummond. We look forward to seeing what you have explored!


There are two workout options from you to choose from…

Low intensity run (using LISS training)

Fitness workout

Choose your meal to make…

Flatbread with quick dips: 

Ratatouille and Cous cous:

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