Our School

Headteacher’s Welcome

Since I took up post in June 2016 I have been impressed every day with the students’ positive attitude and commitment to learning.  I also know how committed Drummond’s staff are to nurturing our young people and the extra mile they go to make sure they succeed.  Quite simply, we are committed to promoting an ethos of excellence and ambition with all our students in every classroom, every day.

We have a very strong relationship with our cluster primary schools to make sure that there is a smooth transition into Secondary and work very closely with our Parent Council and Learner Voice to shape the direction of our school.


  Ms Jodie Hannan, Headteacher

Our school

Drummond is a friendly, vibrant and diverse school in the heart of our community under new dynamic leadership that promotes strong values and a vision of excellence for all.

Pupils are challenged and supported to achieve their full potential  and our agenda is to nurture the talents of all our young people and provide the best learning experience we can.  Part of this means reviewing our curriculum to make sure it provides what all our young people need to succeed.  We encourage parents and carers to take an active part in the life of our school.  Pupils benefit from  the wonderful city centre location which enriches their learning as well as strong partnership business links in the community. Young people progress to colleges and universities across the country as well as vocational opportunities.

A parent’s view

Drummond is our local high school and I’m very impressed with it. My three children feel at home in Drummond’s friendly atmosphere and diverse community. The school has excellent facilities for everything from Drama to Science. The staff are extremely enthusiastic, working hard to get the best from all pupils, whatever the students are interested in or good at. Through attending Parent Council meetings, I’ve seen how the school is quick to respond to concerns from parents and encourages parents to take an active role in their children’s education. Pupils are also pushed to achieve all they can. The school works with businesses and universities to provide opportunities for everyone. All in all, Drummond is a fantastic school and a great place to be part of.

Parent Council’s view

Drummond is a very friendly, supportive community in which each child is treated as an individual and I feel very confident that Drummond is helping my child to develop.

There is excellent, imaginative teaching and all abilities are catered for, with all pupils being challenged and supported.

Drummond is a diverse community, giving pupils the chance to meet and be friends with young people from all over the world.

There’s a great range of opportunities for pupils to develop confidence and ability working as part of a team and we work closely with the school to support pupils.  Please feel free to contact Parent Council  to get involved.