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Drummond Guidance Team

Drummond CHS aims to provide effective Career Education and Guidance in a variety of ways, placing individual students at the centre of the process. It forms an important part of the Personal and Social Education programme from S1 through to S6.

At crucial times in a Student’s school career, e.g. when choosing new courses (S3-S5), expert advice is on hand for our students from our Skills Development Scotland Careers Adviser. One to one interviews help students move forward with their career plans and class groups teach career management skills and support students with their own research.

In S5 and S6, careers conventions are held for those looking towards employment and Further Education. It is very important that teachers and employers work together to help bridge the gap between school and working life. Forrester has extensive links with the business community to help achieve this.

School Careers Adviser, Skills Development Scotland (SDS) – Career Information Advice and Guidance

Helen Irons (MA, MSc) is our Skills Development Scotland careers adviser. She has thirteen years of experience with SDS as a careers professional, working in a variety of schools and providing adult guidance. As part of her careers guidance service, Helen can advise on university and college courses and on apprenticeships.

As young people begin to explore their options for further learning and work, it is important that they identify their skills and strengths as they make decisions about what they want to do next. Working with school staff our SDS Careers Adviser can help young people get ready for this exciting stage in their lives and prepare for their future.

Through our Drummond CHS Careers Adviser, Helen Irons, SDS provides a range of support to help all Drummond students to develop career management skills and to make well-informed decisions about their career pathways. Schools are now building career management skills into the curriculum and through the government’s Career Education Standard’s are improving access to careers support from day one.

Helen will work with guidance staff to help students who need tailored support to explore the training and skills necessary for the job or career which is right for them. She also attend parents’ evenings (all pupils) and subject choice evenings (S3-6) in school and in addition can provide online and email support to parents and pupils for specific questions.

If you have any careers questions relating to your young person and their next steps, or would like to request a meeting, then please email directly: (She will endeavour to respond to queries within ten days.)

Making Subject Choices and School Leavers

After 4, 5 or 6 years of secondary education, moving onto the next stage of their ‘career’ can be a daunting prospect for many young people. Whilst there are many supports available in school, having conversations with the people who know them best, their parents/carers, can be very influential in helping their son / daughter move into a Positive Destination.

Positive destinations could be in Employment, Training, College, University, Modern Apprenticeships or roles as may be found on the Edinburgh Guarantee website or other personal development solutions suggested by guidance or careers advisers.

All careers adviser and guidance activity is underpinned by online resources and tools on My World of Work. My World of Work provides information for a variety of reasons.

S3: Starting in S3 Drummond Pupils are encouraged to use My World of Work to investigate what careers they could do with their preferred subject choices.

S4-6: For those closer to their school leaving date My World of Work is packed with information and tools helping pupils and parents to find different careers, college/university/other courses, apprenticeships and to investigate what options are best for them. For those looking to enter directly into employment after school, My World of Work has valuable tools to help users build and customize their CV’ssearch for jobssource funding for learning, and many other tools.

This Career Education: A World of Possibilities parent/carers guide created by The National Parent Forum of Scotland gives a full picture of the careers and decision-making activities that your child will avail of as a Scottish school pupil between the ages of 3-18yrs.

Post School Support

SDS continues to support young people leaving school up to the age of 18.5yrs or up to 26yrs for those with care experience. Our post school team is comprised of school-specific advisers and work coaches that can assist young people in making their career, training or learning next steps.


Apprenticeships have changed, with more than 80 different types covering hundreds of jobs. With a Modern Apprenticeship you get a job, get paid and get qualified – in some roles right up to degree level. No wonder more than 25,000 people choose a Modern Apprenticeship every year. The SDS website allows you to search for apprenticeships, apply online and find out more about the different levels of qualifications. You can also check out Foundation Apprenticeships which help you kick-start your career from S5 and S6 in Drummond .

Digital World

Careers in digital technologies offer endless possibilities and opportunities. Scotland’s digital technologies sector needs lots more people like you right now and in the future. Digital World provides information on tech careers in Scotland, ways to get in and where to study. Be inspired…find out more by visiting, and follow @DigitalWorldHQ or Digital World on Facebook.

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