Wellbeing Hub


1. Ensure all students are ‘Included, Engaged and Involved’ in learning 

2. Support students in setting and achieving their goals 

3. Empower students to self-regulate emotions

Target Students:

Referrals for the Wellbeing Hub will be made by the student’s Guidance Teacher at our Integrated Pupil Support Meeting. Parents and carers will be informed if their child has been referred.

Goal Setting:

When students join the WBH, they will set SMARTER targetswith a member of staff.

SpecificBeing clear about what aspect of class work or conduct is the focus
MeaningfulChoosing goals that are important to you
AchievableSetting goals that are challenging but achievable
RelevantPicking goals that reflect what you want to achieve, not what others tell you
Time-BoundBeing clear about when you want your goal to be achieved
EvaluateChecking in on your goals regularly
ReadjustChanging your goal to respond to challenges and successes

After this point, each student will have 1 period in the week where they meet 1-1 with WBH staff to:

• Reflect on successes

• Review teacher feedback

• Set goals for the week ahead 

• Self-evaluate against the Wellbeing Indicators


Students working with the Wellbeing Hub will have specific slots timetabled in. These timetabled slots have the following structure:

The Zones of Regulation:

When students identify their Zone of Regulation, they are picking a broad category to describe how they are feeling.

Green: focused and ready to learn

Blue: sad, tired or bored

Yellow: anxious, excitable or agitated

Red: angry and out of control

The Self-Regulation Booklet

If students are in the blue, yellow or red zones, they can select an activity that will help to bring them back to the green zone.  These activities include:

  • Breathing exercises
  • Art activities
  • Movement activities
  • Writing activities
  • Music
  • Mindfulness

Students can track the effectiveness of each activity by evaluating their zones before and after trying one of the activities.

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