Support for families

As a Rights Respecting School, DCHS has began its new initiative in tackling the cost of the school day. This means that we are committed to ensuring that our leaners are not prevented from accessing education to their fullest potential as a result of the pressures and barriers that the cost of the school day can create.

As part of our initiative, alongside our existing measures such as providing discreet FareShare food parcels to families, funding for extra-curricular trips and our clothing bank for both uniform and non-uniform items, we are launching our ‘Take What You Need’ trollies that will be available in each key adult class. 

These will include essential stationary for the school day, toiletries. sanitary products and nutritional snacks for learners to utilise as and when they are required. Pupils are not expected to return or replace any of the items in the trollies. 

Our trollies will also be equipped with charging stations to ensure that learners can charge and access their advice to allow them to participate fully in our drive for empowered learning. Pupils must ensure that they do not remove any electronic devices from the trollies and that they come to school equipped with both their iPad and charging cables every day. 

Should any learner or families feel that they need advice on the cost of the school day or help with accessing resources they should not hesitate to get in touch with DCHS’s Pupil Support Leaders – Michael Paley, Maria Rawluk and Leah Rankin.

Additionally, whilst in school pupils can contact DCHS’s RRSA co-ordinator Iona McDonald for further advice and support on the cost of the school day.

Alongside this, pleade find Edinburgh council’s support and 1 in 5 information as downloads and links below

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