Social Subjects

HISTORY: Young people develop their understanding of the world by learning about people, events and values.  Young people will learn about the past and develop an appreciation and understanding of the forces which have shaped our world.  At Drummond we examine a range of key people and turning points in the stories from Scottish, British, European and World History.  It is hoped that students who study History leave the class with a greater sense of curiosity and ability to think critically about the world today.

MODERN STUDIES : Modern Studies is focused on developing your knowledge and understanding of some decisive contemporary issues that have occurred within the last ten years by examining key disciplines such as sociology, criminology, and politics. At Drummond, we look at topics from knife crime to underdevelopment in Africa and democracy in the UK to the political system of South Africa focusing on the how and why contemporary issues within these topics impact both us as individuals and society as a whole.

GEOGRAPHY : The study of the physical features of the earth, the atmosphere and of human activity. How these elements interact within and outwith populations, politics and economics. At Drummond, we look at topics from Tectonics to Lost Lands, Climate ( Change) to the Oceans, focusing on the how and why of current Geography and what we as humans can do to enhance the world we live in.

RME & RMPS: In Religious and Moral Education (RME) you will learn about what other people think, while also developing confidence in expressing your own views.At Drummond we have pupils who follow many different faiths, as well as lots of pupils who are not religious, and it is interesting to learn about each other’s beliefs and practices. Moral issues that we debate include animal rights, war, and medical ethics. In S4 we offer the SQA Religion, Beliefs and Values Award during core RME. Many pupils also choose to take Religious, Moral and Philosophical Studies (RMPS) as one of their National and Higher options.

Modern Studies


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