Pupil support and Registration

The Pupil Support Faculty is run by the 3 Pupil Support Leaders at Drummond.  Each Pupil Support Leader is also the head of one of the 3 Houses at Drummond.  Mr. Michael Paley looks after Annandale House (blue); Miss Maria Rawluk looks after Bellevue House (green) and Miss Leah Rankin looks after Claremont House (red).

Pupil Support Leaders are usually the first port of call when it comes to working with parents & guardians about their children.  Pupil Support Leaders teach Personal & Social Education (PSE) to their own caseloads and are often involved in many meetings throughout the day in and out of school with partner agencies that also support Drummond pupils.  Due to this it is advised that if a parent or guardian wants to meet the PSL for their child they should phone the school to book a time when to meet.

There is often a specific focus to the support PSLs give to their pupils.  For example : we want to ensure S1 pupils settle smoothly into their new school and into life in a secondary school; we want pupils at all course choicing stages to be supported to make the right decisions; we want pupils accessing appropriate work experiences; and we want pupils prepared for a positive destination (university, college, modern apprenticeship or the workplace) beyond Drummond.

When it comes to PSE, here are examples of the topics covered across all year groups.

S1 : Personal Safety, young homeless, learning disabilities, promoting equality, body image
S2 : First Aid, asylum seekers & refugees, alcohol, sexual health – sexuality
S3 : Sexual health & Relationship Education (SHARE), positive destinations, preparation for work experience
S4 : Work experience, college/university input
S5 : Pupils come to PSE on a rotation for a few months by this point.  The focus is the Youth Philanthropy Initiative (YPI)
S6 : Pupils come to PSE on a rotation for a few months by this point.  The focus is UCAS (university applications) and college applications as well as other preparation for positive destinations.

These topics also form an integral part of the registration programme at Drummond, which takes place every day, Monday to Thursday: 08:32 to 08:40 and Friday: 08:32 to 08:50. In these sessions, each student’s registration tutor will lead activities, tasks and share information with the class that will help them on a day to day basis.


  • 1A1 –
  • 1A2 –
  • 2A1 –
  • 3A1 –
  • 4A1 –
  • 5A1 –


  • 1B1 –
  • 1B2 –
  • 2B1 –
  • 3B1 –
  • 4B1 –
  • 5B1 –
  • 6B1/A1 –


  • 1C1 –
  • 2C1 –
  • 3C1 –
  • 4C1 –
  • 5C1 –
  • 6C1/A1 –

Each tutor group has a pupil representative who represents them at pupil voice meetings throughout the school year. 

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