Bad Entertainment: The Untitled

Since last April pupils from Drummond Community High School have been working with the outreach team at the National Galleries of Scotland.  They were given the task of thinking about how society could look if the normal rules didn’t exist – if ‘society’ itself didn’t exist.

After months of ideas, creating, planning, filming & hopefully fun, our pupils have made a significant contribution to a new exhibition at the National Portrait Gallery called Bad Entertainment : The Untitled.  The exhibition officially opens on Saturday the 30th January but there is an open invite to all pupils at Drummond to attend a preview at 6pm on Friday 29th January at the Portrait Gallery.

This link should take you to a Radio Scotland interview involving a Drummond pupil about the exhibition:     (the interview starts at 48mins into programme).

Over the last year, the National Galleries of Scotland Outreach Team has invited ‘the next generation’ to make the kind of art that they would want to see, inspired by the work of contemporary artists. This challenging exhibition created by young people across Scotland, reveals both their personal stories and their take on society.

As a response to GENERATION: 25 Years of Contemporary Art in Scotland, young people from Alloa, Irvine and Edinburgh, have made artworks and films that show their lives caught between the actuality of everyday experience and the fantasy world of media culture. These new artists have smashed up the tactics and attitudes of contemporary art to make an installation that is ‘legitimately creepy’. They ask, ‘Are you sure?’ and encourage us to, ‘Take what you can…’, before they sketch out the rules by which they would want to live if the future was in their hands.

We hope that this exhibition will attract anyone who cares about the issues young people face today, and a new young audience, inspired by the honesty and imaginative freedom of their peers.