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Raising Teens with Confidence course

Raising Teens with Confidence course at Drummond Community High School – ON MONDAY
We are offering parents and carers the chance to take part in the Raising Teens with Confidence course at Drummond Community High School which starts on THIS MONDAY, Monday 2nd March from 6.30-8.30. This course aims to give parents and carers time to explore how they can best support their teenage children and cope themselves with all the changes that the teenage years bring. If you are interested please email or just turn up at the school reception on Monday at 6.30pm.

Quotes from S1 Students following the Social Subjects Trip

My favourite part of the S1 tour was seeing Edinburgh Castle. This was because we got to see the one o’clock gun go off; St Margaret’s Chapel which was really old; and finally the Scottish Crown Jewels. My second favourite part was going down the Cowgate as this was where Hibernian FC started off!
Daryl Stewart

We enjoyed going to see the War Memorial at Edinburgh Castle because it was cool to see who fought for our country and to pay our respects. Going to St Giles Cathedral was also good! When we walked down the Royal Mile we ended up see the woman who had the most piercings in the world; apparently her name was Elaine Davidson.
Megan Fortune & Kyro Prentice

One of my favourite parts of the S1 trip around Edinburgh was going into the Greyfriar’s Kirkyard because Grayfriars Bobby was buried there and so were lots of other interesting people; it was also really unnerving being there which made it fun. I also enjoyed seeing the 1 O’clock gun at the Castle. It was very loud and unexpected; even though we knew it would go off at and second.
Ryan Gordon

Our favourite part of the S1 trip around Edinburgh was walking down the Royal Mile. There were loads of interesting things to see such as St Giles Cathedral which was amazing. Going around the Castle was also really fun as it gave me a chance to see the whole of Edinburgh from high up and it had lots of interesting history to learn! Seeing the statue of Grayfriars Bobby was really good as the story of Bobby was interesting. He went to his owner’s grave every night for 14 years which was incredible.
Arran Taylor & João Freitas


S1-S3 pupils continue to engage in a challenging Broad General Education, with some personalisation of choice through the major and minor subjects in S3. When the Senior Leadership Team has visited classes and spoken to pupils, the majority report enjoying their learning, being challenged in it and making good progress. Parents can support these discussions at home by ensuring they complete homework on time and to a high level.

S4-6 pupils have been working hard to ensure they were prepared for their prelim exams in January. Pupils will have had their results now and staff will have been setting individual targets for pupils to ensure they attain their best at the forthcoming exams in May/June. For parents who wish to find out more about the National and Higher exams I have added a section to our school’s website titled ‘Nationals/Highers in a nutshell’. This is very informative.

In the last newsletter the Senior Leadership Team (SLT) had been meeting with Curriculum Leaders to review SQA results and to identify next steps within all our courses. This has been done and faculties are now working hard to ensure that they provide our pupils with the best learning and teaching experience possible. The SLT has been involved in carrying out observations of learning and teaching across the school, supported by our school’s Quality Improvement Officer, Liz Gray, and other senior leaders from other Edinburgh schools. This helps ensure a high quality learning experience for all of our learners and allows us to engage in professional dialogue about our practice to ensure we continue to perform at a high level.