School Liaison Officer (SLO)

PC Catherine Lowe is our School Liaison Officer and works between us and St Thomas Aquinas High School.

PC Lowe establishes links between Police, education, young people and the surrounding community. PC Lowe can be found around the school for 2.5 days per week, offering advice and guidance to young people as well as helping to prevent incidents of antisocial behaviour in the wider community.

PC Lowe also inputs into Drummond’s Personal and Social Education (PSE) programme, drawing on her experiences as a Police Officer to provide important information and life skills to our students on a range of subjects from drugs and alcohol awareness to using social media responsibly, personal safety online and generally, and good citizenship.

Anyone requiring PC Lowe’s help or advice should contact their Pupil Support Leader (PSL) confidentially in the first instance, or approach her in her office on the SLT corridor.

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