School Staff


 Senior Leadership Team (SLT)

Senior Leadership Team

Left to right: Mrs McLean, Ms Hannan, Mr Luke and Ms Sharp
Ms Jodie Hannan Headteacher

Mrs Elspeth McLean Depute Headteacher for S1-3 and Pupil Support

Ms Pauline Sharp Depute Headteacher for S4-6 and Curriculum

Mr Peter Luke Business Manager

Pupil Support Leaders

Each child’s Guidance Teacher is parents’ first point of contact in school

Mr Michael Paley Annandale House S1-S6

Ms Maria Rawluk Bellevue House S1-S6

Miss Leah Rankin Claremont House S1-S6

Clerical & Admin support

contact the school on 0131 556 2651 or

Mrs Alison Munro Administrative Officer
Miss Denise Ballantine Clerical Assistant
Mrs Alice Bannon School Support Assistant
Mrs Pauline Clair Business Support Administrator for Community use (CATS)

Miss Kirsten Dickson School Support Assistant
Ms Liz Doyle Clerical Assistant
Miss Lauren Woodburn  School Support Assistant

 Faculty of English & Modern Languages

Mrs Jo Tindall Curriculum Leader (CL) & Teacher of English
Miss Maegan Garland Teacher of English
Mrs Diane Morton (maternity leave) Teacher of English
Mrs Jean Archer

Mrs Rachel Ludbrook

Teacher of English

Teacher of English

Ms Virgine Potier Teacher of Modern Languages
Ms Andrea Wallace Librarian

 Faculty of Expressive Arts

Miss Lindsey Stroud Curriculum Leader (CL) & Teacher of Music
Miss Philippa Drummond Teacher of Art
Miss Louise Fraser Teacher of Art
Miss Erin Henderson Teacher of Drama

 Faculty of Health & Wellbeing

Mrs Mo Collins Curriculum Leader (CL) & Teacher of PE
Mr Kevin Barrie Teacher of PE
Mr Sean Kelly Teacher of PE
Mrs Helen Hubbard (maternity leave) Teacher  of Food & Consumer Technology
Miss Lyndsey Combe Teacher  of Food & Consumer Technology
Ms Carolyne Gayle Teacher  of Food & Consumer Technology
 Mrs Elaine Brackenridge  School Support Assistant

 Faculty of Mathematics

Mr Michael Steel Curriculum Leader (CL) & Teacher of Mathematics
Mrs Gillian Hemmings Teacher of Mathematics
Mrs Alicia Coyle Teacher of Mathematics
Ms Ismat Ahmad Teacher of Mathematics

 Faculty of Science

Mr Keith Inglis Curriculum Leader (CL) & Teacher of Biology
Mrs Sue Bellis Teacher of Biology
Mr Stewart Gray Teacher of Physics & Chemistry
Miss Jurgita Peciulyte Teacher of Chemistry
Mrs Audrey Finlayson Science Technician

 Faculty of Social Subjects

Mrs Clare Martin (Maternity Leave)

Miss Karly Zagorac

Curriculum Leader (CL) & Teacher of History

Teacher of History

Mr Gregor Hood Acting Curriculum Leader (CL) & Teacher of Geography
Miss Iona McDonald Teacher of Modern Studies
Mrs Gwen Campion Teacher of RMPS

 Support for Learning (SfL)

Mrs Sally Barraclough Support for Learning Leader & Teacher of Support for Learning
Mr Mark White Teacher of Support for Learning
Miss Nicola Bisset Teacher of Support for Learning
Ms Lindsay Bruce Teacher of Support for Learning
Mrs Nessrine Aili Pupil Support Assistant (Supply)
Mrs Saida Benkahla Pupil Support Assistant
Mr Brian Christopher Pupil Support Assistant
Mrs Jane Coats Pupil Support Assistant
Mrs Schonaid Lewis Pupil Support Assistant
Mrs Lynda O’Malley Pupil Support Assistant
Mrs Lesley Sanderson Pupil Support Assistant
Mrs Denise Syme Pupil Support Assistant

 Faculty of Technologies

Mr Mark Holden Curriculum Leader (CL) & Teacher of Craft & Design Technology
(Vacancy) Teacher of Craft & Design Technology
Mr David Phillips Teacher of Computing Science
Mr David Gabellone Teacher of Business Education
Mr Iain Montgomery Workshop Technician
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