Getting into University – A dummy’s guide for parents written by parents

Getting into university is a huge milestone in a young person’s life with so much to consider and information to sort through and it can be overwhelming for parents too.

This guide to getting into university is written from a parent’s point of view: with thanks to Jacqui Stark, a parent at James Gillespie’s High School, Edinburgh for this Dummy’s Guide:

Getting into university – A dummy’s guide for parents written by a parent

If you don’t know your UCAS from your SAAS then this is the guide for you.

S6 is a rollercoaster of a year not just for the students but for parents too, there are forthcoming financial implications for parents to consider as well as coming to terms with fact that your child maybe leaving home and could be studying anywhere from Exeter to Aberdeen! Plus, there is a whole lot of new information, jargon and deadlines to get your head around as well as dealing with the emotional fallout from your son/daughter going through this process – so hold on tight!