Maths Challenges 2016-2017

Drummond pupils are given the opportunity every year to take part in a variety of problem solving and extension activities to enrich their curriculum. Every year, the Maths Department is extremely proud of their efforts and their performance. Once again, we are delighted to share some outstanding success, this time in the individual challenges.

The UKMT Individual Maths Challenges attract over 600,000 entries in total across the UK. It is an hour long multiple choice paper completed in school time. The top 5% at each stage receive a gold award, the top 15% a silver award, and the top 40% a bronze award. The top 1% can also qualify for the follow on Olympiad or Kangaroo competitions.

The Scottish Maths Challenge is two 5 question problem solving papers with many outcomes and opportunities to explore, differentiated into three levels. The challenges are all the pupils own work, completed at home in their own time.

The following pupils achieved certificates and prizes for their performance. The pupils who achieved GOLD awards in the UKMT Challenges all qualified for the follow on Olympiad and Kangaroo competitions. A magnificent achievement! Mhairi Dickie, Benjamin Sterratt and Daniel Farrow have all been invited to the special prizegiving ceremony for the Scottish Maths Challenge. Daniel has also been invited to the exclusive UKMT Summer School 2017 after his phenomenal performance.

 UKMT Senior Maths Challenge


  • Matthew Farrow
  • Pratyush Gautam
  • Piotr Malasiewicz
  • Mohshin Syed

UKMT Intermediate Maths Challenge


  • Mhairi Dickie
  • Daniel Farrow
  • Benjamin Sterratt


  • Diste Silva Camara


  • Swapnil Vyas

UKMT Junior Maths Challenge


  • Joanna Farrow


  • Nemo Ganguli
  • Liza Kuslii

Scottish Maths Challenge


  • Mhairi Dickie – GOLD
  • Daniel Farrow – SILVER
  • Benjamin Sterratt – SILVER


  • Sana Zareen – BRONZE