Daily Bulletin – 08/02/2017

Hub Club 

Every Tuesday at 12.55 in PE for all Hub pupils and friends. All year groups welcome – You will need your PE kit!

See Miss Bisset for more details

’10 Minutes Reading in Class’

P3 this week will be ’10 minutes reading in class’. If you do not have a book please collect one of the pile of ‘free’ short story books on the display area just inside the door.

All Students

Casio Scientific Calculators are available to purchase from the school office at a cost of £5.00 per item.

Word of the Week

  • Navigate is a verb.
  • When someone navigates a ship or an aeroplane, they are steering it. E.g. Captain Cook safely navigated without accident his ship for 100 voyages.
  • How many vowels and consonants in the word navigate?

Puzzle of the Week

Picture of Puzzle
Picture of Puzzle

A quiz has twenty questions, with seven points awarded for each correct answer, two points deducted for each wrong answer, and zero for each question omitted.

Jack scores 87 points.

How many questions did he omit?

ANSWER: The only way to get 87 is to get 13 questions correct and 2 wrong, leaving 5 questions unattempted.